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Proper hydration and why you should be aware of your H20 consumption.

We all know water is important… But just how important is it, and why? Well, according to the Precision Nutrition Level 1 Certification Manual, “Water makes up over half – around 55-60% – of who we are.” Of that 55-60%, is found inside our cells while the other makes up a portion of our blood, and surrounds our cells and connective tissues! We even have water in our bones, muscles, eyes, and brain.  It helps regulate our body temperature and is involved in many of our body’s metabolic reactions, such as contracting a muscle. As you can see water is pretty darn important, without it we would not be here. So what does that mean? It means that we should be consuming water every day!

We need to consume water to make up for all that we lose through breathing, sweating, and, of course, excretion (Oh, gotta those many potty breaks during the day). I say “consume” since, luckily, we don’t necessarily need to drink water to increase our body fluid levels. Water is found in raw fruits and vegetables, adding more of these into your diet may help improve fluid balance (fluid IN vs. OUT) in your body.

When you don’t drink enough water, your throat dries up and you feel super thirsty, right? At that point, already 1-2% of your body water is lost. Over 2%, more serious consequences start to manifest, such as death at a 10-20% loss of body water. Interestingly, a mere loss of 0.5% of your body water can mean an increased strain on your heart! This goes to show just how much we need to make sure to drink enough water throughout the day!

On average, without exercise, our bodies lose around 1.5L of water a day through sweating, excretion, and mostly through evaporation from our skin. While everybody’s fluid needs are different and depend on a multitude of factors (such as activity levels, environment, diet, etc.), a general guideline would be to consume 30-40mL of water per kilogram of bodyweight. For example, if you weigh 143lbs (65kg), you would need to drink 1.95-2.6L of water per day.

… So I think I know what we’re all going to drink more of from now on, right? 😉

(Photo: Courtesy of Precision Nutrition,


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